• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer

Women and Messianic Judaism

Being a women in Messianic Judaism and also Rebbitzen of a congregation, I believe all women should have a vital role in our faith.

Down through history it may have appeared that women have taken a step back and behind the scenes. But G-D has

put a purpose in all our lives as women to take an active role in Messianic Judaism.

We have the example in the Old Testament, Deborah who became a judge over Israel and she did great things leading Israel. I'm modern times Golda Meir who was the first women Prime Minister of Israel. She led Israel in great things and even met with various world leaders who otherwise would not have met with woman leader of a nation.

G-D has made women great leaders, role models, wives, mother's and grandmother's. But this is not the only thing that women are great at doing. We are great teachers, prayer warriors, counselors, friends and most of all we are daughters of the Mighty G-D of Host!!!

So women of G-D, stand up and drape your prayer shawl around you and lift your voice up to the Most High G-D of Israel!! He has us made great women to stand on our own two feet and proclaim victories and accomplishments through the one True G-D.

Come on ladies stand tall and let the world know that G-D is on our side!!!!!

Rebbiten Pammy

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