• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer

A New Year!!

As we are closing out 2018 and ringing in 2019, we reflect on the things we did or didn’t do in 2018.

As I reflect back in 2018, I am so thankful for all the miracles and blessings that happened in my life in 2018. There are probably things I wish I could have done in 2018 but a new year is almost upon us and we can start over again with a new year.

In Judaism, we have 4 New Year’s every year. They are 1. Tishrei-“the new year for seasons.”, 2. 15 Shevat-New Year of Trees, 3. 1 Nisan-redemption from Egypt and the birth of the Israelite nation. 4. 1 Elul-The last new year, which is the New Year for the tithing of cattle.

But because I am a Messianic Jew, I acknowledge the American New Year and Pray for the Peace of Israel and her leadership and as well as our President, his leadership and cabinet too. May our President listen to those around and seek G-D and His council.

As an American Jew I want to pray for G-D’s mercy and peace for everyone, my family here and abroad, for all of our Pastors and Rabbis to come together in Messiah, Jew, and Gentile worshipping together as ONE.

Have a blessed and peaceful 2019!!

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