• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer


I have a story to tell and one I am most proud of for my twin sister and myself.

In 1959, my parents George Gregg and Buddy Barnett could not have children of their own. They met a lady looking to give up her child she did not know she was pregnant with twins at the time).

So when the time came, she went into labor and gave birth to twin girls who were born a little early. We were very tiny (3 lbs 12 oz and 3 lbs and 2 oz.). We almost died from malnutrition, but G-D had plans for our lives in the years to come.

The day came that the proud new parents of twin daughters took their girls home. You see, our parents adopted us before we were born so they could take us home when we were able to leave the hospital.

You see, adoption should always be the way out for unwed mothers, women who cannot care for their children, or lastly abortion. G-D gave us children to enjoy, to spoil, but to bring them up in the eyes of the L-RD.

I believe every child has a right to be loved no matter what. If a woman does not want her child, she should consider adoption over abortion. She should give the child the chance to be with loving parents who will take care of and love the child if she cannot.

My sister and I are very grateful and thankful to our parents who wanted not one but two girls. They loved us no matter what. G-D knew we needed parents and He chose us to be their daughters. Our lives would have been totally different than they are today. We had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and clothes to wear. We were not rich by this world’s understanding, but they loved us unconditionally.

Our parents are no longer with us, but what they instilled in us will always be with us and in us forever. You never know what you have until it's gone. Life sometimes can be overwhelming at times, but with loving parents and G-D, life is so much better with moms and dads in your lives.

So, thanks mom and dad for loving us, adopting us, and giving us a home with you.

Give a child a chance to have loving parents by adopting one or two, you will be glad you did.

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