• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer

Childlike Faith

As we get older, we look back at our childhood and wonder how did it go by so quickly? It seems to go by so soon and then poof we are older.

I look at my grandchildren and wonder, was I like them at that age? And the answer is yes. I look at them and see the past, the present and the future. I look in their eyes. They are innocent with a childlike faith from their parents and grandparents. They look like their moms, dads, siblings, and cousins. There is a history that started with grandparents, parents and now them. What does the future hold for them in this day and time? Where will they be in 20 years or more? What will they be like? Will they get married and have children of their own one day? These are the questions our parents asked about us when we were their age.

We spent time with our youngest grandchildren this weekend and looking at them you realize one day they will be where you are now. I see the childlike wonder in their eyes full of hope, love, and trust in those around them. We would do our very best to protect them from the evil of the world. But the best thing we can do for them right now is to pray for them each and every day. Prayer is a powerful thing given by G-D from the beginning of time. G-D has instilled in us the ability to pray for others and for ourselves as well.

When we were in trouble as children, we would call our earthly father for help. G-D expects us to do the same of our Heavenly Father. Our children and grandchildren put their trust in us to protect them from harm, and our Heavenly Father does the same for us. Our lives would be so much better.

Let go and let G-D do His job, our lives will be so much better with Him in it. Let G-d be our Abba just like our earthly fathers are.

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