• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer


By: Pammy Tokajer

Gen. 1:1 - In the beginning G0D created the heavens and the earth.

I have read and read this verse over and over down through the years. These words are short but meaningful to the soul and heart as well.

G-D created all the skies, light and darkness and the seas. He made the stars and the moon. He made flying creatures, even the creepy crawlers, livestock, giant flying animals, flying creatures of the sky and the swarm of animals of the seas.

I look at the sky today, and it amazes me still to this day at the vast creation that G-D made before we(man) were created. The masterpiece He made in the sky with the different colors just blows my mind. I like to stare up into the heavens and marvel at His handiwork and wonder if I am a mere speck of sand compared to what He did in the first 6 days of creation.

I love how our Creator made everything in 6 days and then rested from His work of the week.

So when G-D tells us to rest after the work week, He means it. I can’t wait for Shabbat on Friday nights just to relax with friends and family.

G-D is awesome in all He does for us and we need to do what He wants us to do with no questions asked.

Even when it rains and then we see the mighty rainbow He has created, it is to let us know He will never destroy the earth with a flood again. What a mighty Creator we serve! He looks at us, His creation, and said it is good. Even though Adam and Eve messed up in the Garden, we are still here. G-D is faithful in all His works.

So the next time we look up in the sky, we need to say “thank you Abba” for your creation!!!  

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