• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer

Faithfulness During Tragedy

Shabbat worshippers at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, PA were singing and worshipping during service when a gunmen came through the doors of the synagogue and murdered 11 people and shot police as they entered the synagogue. This man was set on killing as many Jews as possible, and he didn’t care who stood in his way as he did.

With that being said, this man hated Jews, and he was a Trump-hater as well. I am so disappointed in our government at how they are reacting to this whole thing. As we rally around our Jewish community this week, others are enticing unruly people to being hateful to the Jews and others who are supporting our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world during this time.  

Many Jews were exterminated during the Holocaust. Many of the Jews which survived the atrocities moved to the states. They got married, had children and great grandchildren, lived a somewhat normal life.

Some of the eleven worshippers were Holocaust survivors or relatives of survivors. This was a senseless act that did not have to happen, but it did.

Some say why didn’t they have armed guards at the doors of the synagogue? Why were people not armed to take this man down? These are great questions that we do not have the answers to. I do not know what the gun laws are in PA or if anyone in PA can carry a permit to carry a gun at all. There are so many questions that police will have to answer at a later time.

Being a Messianic Jew, I am outraged at the event that took place on Shabbat. But I know that G-D is in control of every situation that happens and He knows why. All I know is that we need to be around our Jewish community, and all of us need to be in prayer for these families and our Jewish families here whether you are Reformed, Conservative, Orthodox or Messianic Jews. We need to come together and love one another no matter our religious differences are. We are one(Echad) in the L-RD!!! We need to also pray for this man’s family as well since they are going to face difficulty in the days and weeks to come as things will unfold about this man and why he hates the Jewish people.

All I know is that my heart is so heavy right now, and I know G-D loves His people. He loves this man as well, no matter how his heart is with Him. We have to remember we cannot hate, because hate is of hasatan and not of G-D.  

Lets all come together for Pittsburgh and pray for them and the Rabbi. Remember G-D is a G-D of love, not hate.  

Baruch Haba b’shem Ad-nai, Blessed is He who come in the Name of the L-RD!!

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