• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer


I love our Shabbat service every Saturday. I love our Liturgy and our worship service. I just love praising HaShem every day. Basking in the presence of the L-RD is where I like to be.

Praising the L-RD should be continual whether we feel like it or not. We should praise G-D in the good and in the bad times. If we do not praise Him, the rocks and the trees will praise Him instead of us.

Praise is a form of therapy. I love to sing when I am driving, cooking or just about anywhere I find time with HaShem. When I am driving down the road and I hear a song on the radio, my feet start tapping. Then I start singing and moving with the music. There are times that I even have tears of joy too. G-D is so good and wonderful to us for us not to praise Him.

Even when King David was at his lowest, he danced before the L-RD. No matter what King David did, G-D still blessed him. King David knew G-D loved him, so he danced. Now his wife didn’t like it, but he did it anyway.

Our praise is a form of worship to the L-RD. Our hearts are filled with emotions all the time. When we are in love, when a baby is born, or when someone in our lives dies, we have a lot of emotions as humans. When we are in the presence of the L-RD, we have a different emotion. It is a different kind of love for Him. He is our Abba (Daddy) and His love is like no other we have ever known. He gives us a love for worship and praise for Him.

We should never pray for earthly things, but we should give Him praise for what He has done for us, for redeeming us from a life of doom. G-D is a G-D of love, and He is also a patient G-D.

I will praise Him in the morning, at noon and at night all the days of my life. I could never repay Him for all He has done for my family and me. He has protected us from many things, and I will always be grateful.

So sing, dance and praise to the One who created and gave us life!!!!

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