• Rebbetzin Pammy Tokajer

Presence of G-D

By: Pammy Tokajer

As I look at the world today, I wonder how can G-D love the world that He created. Man has done so much to this world by their lies, hurt and deceit.

As believers, we see things a little bit differently than others. As we look upon His presence and how He loves all of us no matter what we have done, how can He see all the destruction on our nation but still love us anyhow?

But the G-D of love, mercy, peace and the law that we study each week shows us how to love one another each day. The Shema teaches us to listen and hear His voice, and the V'ahavta teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves. These words were taught over 3,000 years ago and still being taught today.

When we pray each day, we are in the Presence of our G-D or we should be. When I am singing, I am singing to Him, and no one else matters at that time or place. It is just my Abba and me.

Being in His Presence means there should be nothing between us and G-D. Our time with Him should be a special time like it is with our family, friends, and others in our lives. G-D should always be first in our lives no matter what.

Ps. 114:7

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,

Ps. 62:9

Trust in Him at all times, you people. Pour out your heart in His Presence. God is our refuge.

There is joy in the Presence of the L-RD!!

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